Ishmael Var Emreys

A Drow trying to right his wrongs.


A fairly tall Drow (though still dwarfed by his wife). Ish has pitch black skin and flowing white hair, often tied back in the field. He dresses considerably simpler than his wife, usually garbed in olive greens and a blue bandana. Ish’s eyes are pink.


Ishmael Var Emerys was formerly Zalos Divir, a slave in the underdark, until he was unwillingly transformed into a vampire. He then used his newfound curse to escape his bonds and strike out on a path of his own. First arriving on the surface he came into contact with an old fisherman named Ishmael. He tended to the man’s needs for three years, slowly learning to control his hunger. When the old man passed away, Zalos took the old man’s named and began a new life of balance.
Having adventures about a few years, he came upon the city of Starfall, recently attacked by a dragon and his army. Among the rubble Ishmael met the wizard Estelle Var Emerys as she was helping with relief efforts at a young age. The two quickly became great friends. Ishmael went on to adventure for a couple of years before returning to Starfall to see her again. The two fell in love and married, though the union is considered unholy.

“Guys, did you see my wife, she is bangin”

Ishmael Var Emreys

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