Welcome travelers to the land of Mastera

About 20 years ago, Duke Blare Salomet suddenly died from an unknown reason and his younger brother, Nick, took the throne. Once established the new Duke Salomet decided to reform the government. Consequently putting many noble families out of work. Over the years the duke has been a passive leader allowing crime rates to skyrocket. Today the capital of Mastera, Grand Sorin, barely stands as a functioning society The lack of crime prevention has led the town to be a hub for rising trouble. Some citizens fear that if nothing is done soon the city will fall and then the country. Only the gods know the horrendous outcome if nothing is done.

Thankfully former nobility, the Von Damme family, has seen the raising chaos and has decided to take action. With the help of other well known figures in and out of the nation the family has declared a select group of individuals as the Ambassadors of the New Court. The Ambassadors must travel across the nation and start a revolution before Mastera plummets into chaos. Or before any other party manages to take the throne.

The New Court

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