A bard from Zere


Salem is a half-elf bard. She has been described as the most beautiful Half-Elf in Mastera. She is covered from head to toe with luminescent slowing tattoos. Her hair is silver-platinum. She looks like her mother but looks considerably less hot in black.


She uses her charisma and intelligence to win over everyone she meets. She is a natural born socialite. She is the most talented Courtesan in all of Zere and is attempting to expand her clientele and business model beyond Zere and Grand Sorin. Salem is exceptional at the double bass and is proficient at the oboe, flute, and snare drum. Mastera is her oyster, if you will.

Salem’s mother a beautiful full Elf named Tarasyneera was last seen in Zere 10 years ago and to Salem’s knowledge headed to Grand Sorin, but has since disappeared. Salem was raised by her father, he has since passed away due to an unfortunate run in with a horse drawn carriage when Salem was 22. She is now 27. Salem has an unquenchable curiosity. Salem trusts no one. Trust is a commodity more valuable than her body which she has chosen as her greatest asset.


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