Estelle Var Emerys

A truly beautiful wizard

A tall, slender, dark witch. She has tumbling black hair and slightly glowing copper skin. Estelle is usually garbed in expensive dresses, primarily made up of blues, greens, purples and blacks. Estelle’s most prominent feature however is a set of gold serpentine eyes.

Estelle grew up in her families’s magical manor in Grand Sorin called the House of Many Places. Her mother and father were great explorers, and powerful mages. Estelle and her twin Häkkon grew up learning magic from a very young age. On their eleventh birthday, the two were sent away to the magic academy to study. While both were quite successful in their studies, Estelle graduated valedictorian a year early, coming home to find that her parents had been away a while. They had been on an expedition to prove the world was indeed a sphere, and never returned. Estelle had become the master of the house at the age of sixteen. Estelle quickly became a powerful witch at that point, and from then on began using her magic in a selfless manner, to help the less fortunate people in the world.

“Are you the help?”

Estelle Var Emerys

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