The New Court

Session 5

The Cult's Cave

The party fought the two shadows. The shadows didn’t lay a finger on the group. After the fight the party caught back up. Everyone learned that Baron was a Changeling and Baron introduced the other two to their new bounty hunter friend, Eillis. The party searched their surroundings and found that the men appeared to be shredded to death. They wore identical clothes and they had numbers tattooed on them. The wall had some interesting art drawn on it. The pictures contain odd drawings of a sun. Many people bowing to the sun. A sun with a face. Piles of dead stick figures in dresses. This series of pictures covered all spots on the walls. During their examination Polynya spotted the shinning gem around Marvin’s neck. Marvin hesitantly gave Polynya her gift from John Lowshawn. The party also found two paths. One path leading up and north. The other leading down and south.

Marvin and Eillis went up while the rest went down. The party the went south (Baron, Polynya, and Salem) eventually found another cavern. In this new opening they party spotted an old woman petting a doll about 60 feet away. As Salem and Polynya spoke to the lady, Baron snuck up behind her in the shadows. The lady said that this was her home and everybody was trespassing. Baron was successfully able to stealth up behind the lady. With his new view was able to see that the doll was actually Emerald Brooks, the 4 year old daughter to Mayor Brooks who was kidnapped 3 days ago.
(cont. later)



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