The New Court

Session 4

Salem hits up the town

Salem separated herself from the group to go visit a client in Grand Sorin. Afterwards that she went to go to the Dizzy Daisy tavern to speak to the bartender about any rumors circulating the city. At the bar Salem met Brianna Kush who spoke to Salem for awhile. Apparently the night before, a rich man with an eye patch bought everyone drinks. Salem decided to grab the house special “Blood of Enemy” and she got profoundly drunk. On Salem’s way out she paid the man’s tab and stumbled out of the building.

As Salem exited the building she fell into someone’s arms. The man was tall, lean, and had an eye patch. After drunkenly introducing herself to the man she learned that this was indeed the man from last night. Sampson Zaroff. Sampson told Salem that he was in town “in search of a woman.” and later today was going to visit an old friend. Zaroff invited Salem to join for the visit and lunch, because Salem demonstrated kindness by paying his tab even when they were unacquainted. Salem agreed they decided to head to lunch. Zaroff had to make a quick stop at his room before heading to lunch.

At the Winking Pixie inn Zaroff told Salem to sit tight while he went to the room. He had to go up to change his clothes so that he may look presentable. Salem insisted that she joined and Zaroff didn’t refuse. While in the room Salem learned that Zaroff had scars covering his body. He has a suitcase full of the finest clothes. And another one full of weapons. Zaroff gave Salem a medallion as a gift. Once dressed and packed the two headed to lunch.

The two stopped by the local bakery in the rich districted for lunch. Zaroff went in while Salem went to find a nice place to sit outside. While sitting Pietro approached Salem and they had a discussion. Pietro questioned Salem a lot about her opinions of the group and other information. Pietro apparently knew who Zaroff was too. Salem then asked Pietro out on a date and he replied with “I’ll get back to you on that.” Then left. Zaroff came out with bread and treated Salem to a nice meal. When the meal was over they went to Saint Filthy’s House of Delicious women.

Zaroff and Salem were welcomed into the brothel and they spoke with Saint Filthy. Salem learned that Saint Filthy and Zaroff are good friends. In the past Zaroff gave money to Saint Filthy so that she could start a business. Saint Filthy traded information with the two of them. Salem learned that there is an underground group of misfits that meet in the sewers to gabble and fight. Salem learned that her friends were there earlier that day and that they gave the names of almost everyone involved with The New Court to Saint Filthy the information broker. Zaroff needed to go sewers to get some more information about this woman he was searching for and invited Salem to join.

When night came Salem met up with Zaroff so that may go to the sewers. The sewers were bustling with a bunch of brutish hoodlums. The sewers seemed to have three points of interest. The first was an auction for various items. The second was a fighting ring. The last was a gathering of tables where people could gamble. Salem spotted Jack Maggot auctioning off items. Salem joined in the bidding for items. After outbidding a crazy old lady, Salem purchased a magic sickle. After the auction Salem requested to speak with Jack Maggot. They found an alcove to speak privately with each other.

During their discussion Salem learned that there was a gang in the city called the Zhentarim and Jack Maggot was a member in it. They currently had a small base in Grand Sorin, but they were looking to move somewhere bigger and more obscure. Jack Maggot also mentioned that his black market business (The Gnome Depot) was working through the Zhentarim base. Salem told Jack Maggot that his name was on a list of people involved in the New Court owned by Saint Filthy. Jack said he’d get his name off that list one way or another. Jack Maggot left to go be a dealer at a gambling table. Salem left to go play at his table.

Salem spent the next hour gambling. Salem ended up loosing her medallion given to her by Zaroff. Salem won Jack Maggot’s pants. Lastly, Jack Maggot one a night with Salem. Salem informed him that she was too tired for anything tonight. They decided to do it another time. Salem went to go find Zaroff in the sewers. She briefly bumped into the crazy old lady and Salem gifted her the pants that once belonged to Jack Maggot. The old lady shouted in Deep Speech at Salem, snagged the pants, and fled the scene.

After searching for Zaroff, Salem found him in the fighting ring. She witnessed Zaroff nearly kill a man. After the quick match Zaroff spoke to a shady gentleman and spotted Salem. He approached her and informed her that he had all the information he needed. Zaroff told Salem that they’d meet again in the future then left abruptly. Salem had no reason to stay so she left and got a room at the Winking Pixie.

The next morning Salem want to Estelle’s house to have a girls day. A flamboyant Orc answered the door and let Salem in. The Orc led Salem to the back door and upon opening it Salem found herself on a beach. Estella was drinking casually while tanning. Salem and Estelle talked a lot about dragons and the future of the New Court. Eventually they got on the topic of the whereabouts of the rest of the party. Estella rented some horses from the stables. They casually road down to Londo enjoying the view.

They reached Shepard’s pass and traveled through it. Half way through the terrain they came across a man who blocked their path. He declared his name as Tyson Shepard. Tyson sexually harassed the two women then Estelle turned him into a cockroach. He then scurried away. The two finished their journey to Londo.

They reached Londo by sunset. Estelle teleported back to Grand Sorin to grab Polynya and teleport her back. After a minute Salem was joined by Polynya at the front gate of Londo. The guards let them in. Upon entering the city they noticed an invisible entity making footsteps in the sand. They told it to stop and to reveal itself. The figure revealed itself as a female Tiefling named Hope. After hesitant introductions the party learned that Hope just got done “chatting” with their friend Baron at the inn. Salem told Hope to watch out for a man in Shepard’s pass harassing women. Hope was thankful for the tip and then left. The two went to go find the rest of the party at the inn.

The two rushed to the inn. Outside the inn the two heard splashing coming from the well. Upon investigation they heard their friend Baron’s voice coming from the bottom of the well. The two jumped to the bottom and found a small underwater tunnel. They two swam it with success and found themselves in an cave with the rest of their party and two shadows.



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