The New Court

Session 3

To Londo

After the dinner party The New Court members decided to call it a night. Baron slept at his house. Polynya went back to her home at the orphanage. Marvin and Salem purchased rooms at the Winking Pixie inn located in Bosko Plaza, the central hub of Grand Sorin. Gene told them all to meet her at the newly cleared out clock tower in the morning to discuss the New Court’s next move.

In the morning the party met Gene. Gene was concerned about the absents of Mayor Brooks at the dinner party the previous night. She suggested that the ambassadors go to Londo and check up on him. Brooks is a great leader and having him apart of the campaign against the Duke would be beneficial.

Before leaving for Londo Pazuzu, the goliath man guarding Big Mama’s House for lil ones, franticly located the party. He informed Polynya that he couldn’t fit through the door to feed the children and they might starve. Polynya and the sweaty brute quickly ran to the orphanage.

Salem decided that she would take the opportunity to go speak with a client instead of investigating the Mayor’s situation.

Marvin & Baron went to explore the capital before heading to Londo. They found themselves the brothel. Saint Filthy’s House of Delicious Women. Upon arrival the two were let in by a Goliath man who reeked of pipe weed. Inside Marvin & Baron talked to a drink server and they ordered a V.I.P. dance with the legendary Saint Filthy herself. They were escorted to a hidden room where they were asked to sit. As they sat and waited, the torches were lit (magically) revealing a grand stage and curtain. The curtain rose. Floating at center stage was a pixie dancer. Saint Filthy. The two learn that she is an information broker and got some valuable information out of her.
1. One of her dancers was kidnapped and found skinned in a back alley. “Very culty stuff”
2. A group called the Zhentarim is starting a small faction in Mastera.
3. Mayor Brooks and her are good friends.
4. The Duke’s steward, Mason, is bad news.
In return Saint Filthy asked for a large sum of gold or new information as payment. Marvin and Baron told the information broker that their secret group is planning on taking the throne. They also gave her the names of most of the members. Saint Filthy was more than pleased with her payment and they all went their separate way.

The two then rented horses to travel to Londo. After a day of traveling they found themselves in Zere where they met a familiar face. The thief that they protected, John Lowshawn. The recently freed criminal told the party that he and his family have started a nice farm outside of town with the money Polynya gave him. John gave Marvin a magical cracked brightstone to deliver to Polynya. When the stone’s command word is spoken the stone glows with 20ft of bright light and 20 more feet of dim.

Taking one more day to reach their destination, the party arrived at Londo around noon. Their ears caught the noise of a large social gathering further in the city. Near the beach Marvin & Baron found a throng of non-human races rallied around a human at a tall stand. It appeared to be the end of a speech. “If anyone has information about my missing daughter tell the guard captain. We will continue searching the city from top to bottom.” said the human man.

The crowd then thinned out and the two sifted through the people toward the stand. Baron received a hefty amount of shade from the citizens while passing them. The two reached the human man and were quickly cut off by his female Half-elf body guard. After introductions the party learned that this was Mayor Brooks and his wife & daughter are the only humans currently living in the city. His 4 year old daughter, Emerald, was kidnapped 3 nights ago. Brooks then told the party to meet him at his house in a hour while he made an important visit. Brooks’ bodyguard, Bulma, would show them the city and then escort them back the house.

While sightseeing with Bulma the party learned about the history of Londo. About 20 years ago a human activist group called “The Purifiers” attempted to purge the city of non-human races. The group was quickly taken down by a civilian group led by Brooks. The town was impressed and thankful for his leadership and elected him mayor. Brooks interrogated some members of “The Purifiers”. The members said that “They did it for the sun.” and all of them cut off their pinky fingers. Brooks found this to be apoling so he killed and exiled all humans from the Londo. To this day nobody runs against Mayor Brooks during elections because he is such a great leader. The crime rate is less than 1% and poverty basically doesn’t exist.

At the Mayor’s house Baron & Marvin waited. Baron looked through Brooks’ desk and found a Midnight Syndicate watch and a painting of his family. Brooks arrived with a Tiefling bounty hunter named Eillis. Brooks informed the party that his daughter was kidnapped 3 nights ago. No one was seen leaving or entering the city’s gates and his griffon couldn’t pick up a scent. The following nights there were brake ins at other homes across Londo, but nothing seemed to have been stolen. Brooks told the party to talk to his guard captain Aaro to get more information.

The party located Aaro in the Mayor’s home. Aaro, the longfang shifter, was with his son discussing the investigation. The party questioned them and found that Aaro’s son, Lake, seemed to be hiding something. Baron pried and learned that Lake saw another human female at Londo’s inn. The party went there next for their investigation.

At the inn, the party talked to Big Barbra who gave them the room number of the human guest. The group went to the room and found a the female human, Jack. After an aggressive conversation with Jack they learned that a wet man would run through the town and then go behind the end after a few hours. Jack learned this from sitting on the roof of the Inn and drinking most of the night.

The party decided to wait till night time and drink with Jack to see this man. They went to grab some ale at the local tavern run by Brenda Kush. Brenda found Eillis to be rather attractive. While waiting for dusk, Baron hid on Jack’s room to observe her. Jack has a small satchel containing unique items. Baron also gently grabbed Jack butt. When dusk came they group sat on the roof and waited.

After about an hour of waiting the group spotted the wet man. They tackled him and dragged him through the inn (stealthily). The three (Baron, Marvin, and Eillis) used Baron’s magical pocket watch to question the cultist. They learned that The Cult of the Rising Sun had a small base outside of town. There is a tunnel that leads from the base to the city well in Londo. His name is No.6. The cult is trying to kidnap young girls for culty things. After learning all this Jack busted in the room hearing all the commotion and blew up the cultist. Jack took notice of Baron’s watch and charmed him. The two had intercourse and Jack was able to snatch the watch and left for the north.

The three adventurers went to the town well and climbed down it. Eillis actually tumbled down it. They found a small underwater tunnel that led to a aquatic cave owned by the cultist. After swimming through the tunnel the party breached in a large cave and found bodies in the center of the room. Upon investigation the party found two dead cultist and one that was on his last few breaths. The cultist said “Watch for the shadows.” and a shadow swooped in and strangled the man to death.



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