The New Court

Session 2

Dinner Time

The party arrived at Grand Sorin around 5 o-clock. They had 2 hours to kill before the dinner party at Baron’s house. Polynya decided to go back to her home and visit Big Mama before she left. Upon arriving at Big Mama’s orphanage for lil ones the party found a Goliath man with a maul blocking the front door. The group investigate and found that the Goliath, Pazuzu, was hired by the Von Damme family to protect the orphanage while Big Mama went to get supplies. Pazuzu can’t fit through the door and all the children are terrified of him. Pazuzu informed the party that some nurses hired by the Von Damme were on their way. The party still had time to kill so they went to the local abandoned clock tower.

The party reached the tower and climbed through the 2nd floor window. The tower appeared to be dusty and the floor was covered in straw. The party also noticed small and large black feathers scattered about. The party climbed to the top floor by climbing stairs and using acrobatic skills. They were mostly successful however, Polynya almost took a nasty fall from the 6th floor to the 1st. Thankfully Marvin was able to dive and catch his falling ally. Due to his small size Marvin began to slip. Salem acted quick and grabbed Marvin. Baron was then able to pull the chain of people up to safety. The party eventually reached the top floor and found that the gears were jammed with mud, straw, and poop. The group was ambushed by 3 Kenku that seemed ill. As the battle went on 2 of the Kenku commiting suicide (one stabbed himself in the face. the other jumped off a landing.) the last bird creature was magic missiled into the gears and crushed. After that a black Aarakockra named Nightfurry swooped down and confronted the party. The party invited him to the dinner party (despite the lack of formal invitation) with the promise of canned yams.

The party left the tower and headed to the dinner party. The small house located in the poor district of town was filled with a royal feast and 15 guests. Some of the more regal folk had nice looking pocket watches. The party separated and began to mingle with the guests.

Salem mingled with her old friend Brana Kush and she talked with a silver dragonborn named Pietro. The Dragonborn lad looked very young and deep in thought. After chatting for a little bit, Pietro and Salem went to smoke weed before dinner.

Marvin went to flirt with a beautiful human female standing next to a sculpted drow male. After mistaking Marvin as help, the lady introduced herself as Estelle Var Emmerys and her husband Ishmael. Marvin struck out and went to talk to a male deep gnome named Jack Maggot. Jack gave Marvin his business card and told Marvin about the Gnome Depot.

Baron first went to a masculine female dwarf. Her name was Lady Quill and she was enjoying a nice dip. She was greatly annoyed by Baron. Baron then went to chat with a greying Razorclaw Shifter male and a younger one that looks almost identical to the first. He learned that the older shifter was named Storm Fang and his “son” was named Telmah. Baron learned that Telmah was attempting to revive the local theater.

Polynya grew suspicious of everyone with a pocket watch. She attempted to steal Baron’s, but was caught red handed. She then proceeded to stay under the radar and partook in idle chit chat with Gene and Lady Quill.

Nightfurry was introduced to candied yams.

Gene proceeded to ring the dinner bell and all the guests enjoyed the feast. Salem and Pietro were in heaven. After the meal Gene took the time to explain why everyone was gathered there. She mentioned the poor condition that the city was in and demanded change. The people attending the party all had talents or connections to offer this newly formed revolution. Gene wishes to overthrow Duke Solamet peacefully and put a good leader on the throne. She is aware that more support can be discovered in other parts of Mastera and possibly in other countries. She selected Polynya, Marvin, Salem, her son Baron to be the Ambassadors of the New Court. All 15 guests agreed to help in return of some spoils.

The dinner party then toasted to a new era.



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