The New Court

Session 1

The Gathering

Given a mission by his parents, Baron Von Damme delivered dinner invitations to 3 selected personal. The dinner will consist of a fancy feast and many regal guests in 1 week. The first invitation was delivered to a female Water Genasi named Polynya. Baron almost hit a wall with Polynya’s stubbornness, however Big Mama (the owner of the orphanage that Polynya is a co-owner of.) insisted that Polynya go and “get herself a man.”

The two then spent a 3 day journey traveling to the rustic vacation town of Zere. The two then went to the Half-orc Full Sexy bar run by a half-orc named Brana Kush. Brana gambled with Baron and lost miserably. Baron gained 120 GP and a magic pickle that was said to make him very thin. After a few hours a gorgeous Half-elf named Salem arrived at the tavern to start her nightly show. During this time she was given an invitation to the dinner party that will take place at the home of Baron Von Damme. She accepted. Salem believes that her mother may be living in the capital. This rumor piqued her fancy.

Shorty after a near albino gnome named Marvin came into the tavern to drink his troubles away. His uncle, Merlin (a renown wizard), was on his death bed and Marvin was attempting to finish his research. He received word that a cult was rising in the south. He found nothing. At the tavern Baron, Polynya, and there new companion Salem, got the opputunity to invite Marvin to the dinner party. After accepting the invitation the newly formed party decided to spend the night in Zere and head out in the morning.

In the morning the party started there 3 day journey back to the capital. However, about a hour into the trip they came across a Zere city guard. They introduced themselves and learned that the city guard, Keith, had chased down a thief and chased him into a nearby cave. Keith couldn’t muster up the courage to pursue the criminal because he spotted a spider go into the cave. The party figured they could take the time to help this guard and they went into the cave that was said to contain a criminal. While in the cave the party stumbled across a giant spider that proceeded to attack Salem until she was unconscious. After the battle the party continued through the cave leaving Salem paralyzed from the spider’s venom. Once at the end of the cave the team found a starving family. The father of the family, John lowshaun, has been stealing food and other items necessary to live from Zere. On the way out of the cave the team found a “healthy” Salem. She rejoined the group.

Once outside of the group negotiated for the life of the thief. The conclusion was that John was freed from his crimes and given 20 GP from Polynya to start a farm. In exchange Salem would give Keith a hand job.

When all said and done the group traveled to Grand Sorin for their dinner party.



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