The New Court

Session 5
The Cult's Cave

The party fought the two shadows. The shadows didn’t lay a finger on the group. After the fight the party caught back up. Everyone learned that Baron was a Changeling and Baron introduced the other two to their new bounty hunter friend, Eillis. The party searched their surroundings and found that the men appeared to be shredded to death. They wore identical clothes and they had numbers tattooed on them. The wall had some interesting art drawn on it. The pictures contain odd drawings of a sun. Many people bowing to the sun. A sun with a face. Piles of dead stick figures in dresses. This series of pictures covered all spots on the walls. During their examination Polynya spotted the shinning gem around Marvin’s neck. Marvin hesitantly gave Polynya her gift from John Lowshawn. The party also found two paths. One path leading up and north. The other leading down and south.

Marvin and Eillis went up while the rest went down. The party the went south (Baron, Polynya, and Salem) eventually found another cavern. In this new opening they party spotted an old woman petting a doll about 60 feet away. As Salem and Polynya spoke to the lady, Baron snuck up behind her in the shadows. The lady said that this was her home and everybody was trespassing. Baron was successfully able to stealth up behind the lady. With his new view was able to see that the doll was actually Emerald Brooks, the 4 year old daughter to Mayor Brooks who was kidnapped 3 days ago.
(cont. later)

Session 4
Salem hits up the town

Salem separated herself from the group to go visit a client in Grand Sorin. Afterwards that she went to go to the Dizzy Daisy tavern to speak to the bartender about any rumors circulating the city. At the bar Salem met Brianna Kush who spoke to Salem for awhile. Apparently the night before, a rich man with an eye patch bought everyone drinks. Salem decided to grab the house special “Blood of Enemy” and she got profoundly drunk. On Salem’s way out she paid the man’s tab and stumbled out of the building.

As Salem exited the building she fell into someone’s arms. The man was tall, lean, and had an eye patch. After drunkenly introducing herself to the man she learned that this was indeed the man from last night. Sampson Zaroff. Sampson told Salem that he was in town “in search of a woman.” and later today was going to visit an old friend. Zaroff invited Salem to join for the visit and lunch, because Salem demonstrated kindness by paying his tab even when they were unacquainted. Salem agreed they decided to head to lunch. Zaroff had to make a quick stop at his room before heading to lunch.

At the Winking Pixie inn Zaroff told Salem to sit tight while he went to the room. He had to go up to change his clothes so that he may look presentable. Salem insisted that she joined and Zaroff didn’t refuse. While in the room Salem learned that Zaroff had scars covering his body. He has a suitcase full of the finest clothes. And another one full of weapons. Zaroff gave Salem a medallion as a gift. Once dressed and packed the two headed to lunch.

The two stopped by the local bakery in the rich districted for lunch. Zaroff went in while Salem went to find a nice place to sit outside. While sitting Pietro approached Salem and they had a discussion. Pietro questioned Salem a lot about her opinions of the group and other information. Pietro apparently knew who Zaroff was too. Salem then asked Pietro out on a date and he replied with “I’ll get back to you on that.” Then left. Zaroff came out with bread and treated Salem to a nice meal. When the meal was over they went to Saint Filthy’s House of Delicious women.

Zaroff and Salem were welcomed into the brothel and they spoke with Saint Filthy. Salem learned that Saint Filthy and Zaroff are good friends. In the past Zaroff gave money to Saint Filthy so that she could start a business. Saint Filthy traded information with the two of them. Salem learned that there is an underground group of misfits that meet in the sewers to gabble and fight. Salem learned that her friends were there earlier that day and that they gave the names of almost everyone involved with The New Court to Saint Filthy the information broker. Zaroff needed to go sewers to get some more information about this woman he was searching for and invited Salem to join.

When night came Salem met up with Zaroff so that may go to the sewers. The sewers were bustling with a bunch of brutish hoodlums. The sewers seemed to have three points of interest. The first was an auction for various items. The second was a fighting ring. The last was a gathering of tables where people could gamble. Salem spotted Jack Maggot auctioning off items. Salem joined in the bidding for items. After outbidding a crazy old lady, Salem purchased a magic sickle. After the auction Salem requested to speak with Jack Maggot. They found an alcove to speak privately with each other.

During their discussion Salem learned that there was a gang in the city called the Zhentarim and Jack Maggot was a member in it. They currently had a small base in Grand Sorin, but they were looking to move somewhere bigger and more obscure. Jack Maggot also mentioned that his black market business (The Gnome Depot) was working through the Zhentarim base. Salem told Jack Maggot that his name was on a list of people involved in the New Court owned by Saint Filthy. Jack said he’d get his name off that list one way or another. Jack Maggot left to go be a dealer at a gambling table. Salem left to go play at his table.

Salem spent the next hour gambling. Salem ended up loosing her medallion given to her by Zaroff. Salem won Jack Maggot’s pants. Lastly, Jack Maggot one a night with Salem. Salem informed him that she was too tired for anything tonight. They decided to do it another time. Salem went to go find Zaroff in the sewers. She briefly bumped into the crazy old lady and Salem gifted her the pants that once belonged to Jack Maggot. The old lady shouted in Deep Speech at Salem, snagged the pants, and fled the scene.

After searching for Zaroff, Salem found him in the fighting ring. She witnessed Zaroff nearly kill a man. After the quick match Zaroff spoke to a shady gentleman and spotted Salem. He approached her and informed her that he had all the information he needed. Zaroff told Salem that they’d meet again in the future then left abruptly. Salem had no reason to stay so she left and got a room at the Winking Pixie.

The next morning Salem want to Estelle’s house to have a girls day. A flamboyant Orc answered the door and let Salem in. The Orc led Salem to the back door and upon opening it Salem found herself on a beach. Estella was drinking casually while tanning. Salem and Estelle talked a lot about dragons and the future of the New Court. Eventually they got on the topic of the whereabouts of the rest of the party. Estella rented some horses from the stables. They casually road down to Londo enjoying the view.

They reached Shepard’s pass and traveled through it. Half way through the terrain they came across a man who blocked their path. He declared his name as Tyson Shepard. Tyson sexually harassed the two women then Estelle turned him into a cockroach. He then scurried away. The two finished their journey to Londo.

They reached Londo by sunset. Estelle teleported back to Grand Sorin to grab Polynya and teleport her back. After a minute Salem was joined by Polynya at the front gate of Londo. The guards let them in. Upon entering the city they noticed an invisible entity making footsteps in the sand. They told it to stop and to reveal itself. The figure revealed itself as a female Tiefling named Hope. After hesitant introductions the party learned that Hope just got done “chatting” with their friend Baron at the inn. Salem told Hope to watch out for a man in Shepard’s pass harassing women. Hope was thankful for the tip and then left. The two went to go find the rest of the party at the inn.

The two rushed to the inn. Outside the inn the two heard splashing coming from the well. Upon investigation they heard their friend Baron’s voice coming from the bottom of the well. The two jumped to the bottom and found a small underwater tunnel. They two swam it with success and found themselves in an cave with the rest of their party and two shadows.

Session 3
To Londo

After the dinner party The New Court members decided to call it a night. Baron slept at his house. Polynya went back to her home at the orphanage. Marvin and Salem purchased rooms at the Winking Pixie inn located in Bosko Plaza, the central hub of Grand Sorin. Gene told them all to meet her at the newly cleared out clock tower in the morning to discuss the New Court’s next move.

In the morning the party met Gene. Gene was concerned about the absents of Mayor Brooks at the dinner party the previous night. She suggested that the ambassadors go to Londo and check up on him. Brooks is a great leader and having him apart of the campaign against the Duke would be beneficial.

Before leaving for Londo Pazuzu, the goliath man guarding Big Mama’s House for lil ones, franticly located the party. He informed Polynya that he couldn’t fit through the door to feed the children and they might starve. Polynya and the sweaty brute quickly ran to the orphanage.

Salem decided that she would take the opportunity to go speak with a client instead of investigating the Mayor’s situation.

Marvin & Baron went to explore the capital before heading to Londo. They found themselves the brothel. Saint Filthy’s House of Delicious Women. Upon arrival the two were let in by a Goliath man who reeked of pipe weed. Inside Marvin & Baron talked to a drink server and they ordered a V.I.P. dance with the legendary Saint Filthy herself. They were escorted to a hidden room where they were asked to sit. As they sat and waited, the torches were lit (magically) revealing a grand stage and curtain. The curtain rose. Floating at center stage was a pixie dancer. Saint Filthy. The two learn that she is an information broker and got some valuable information out of her.
1. One of her dancers was kidnapped and found skinned in a back alley. “Very culty stuff”
2. A group called the Zhentarim is starting a small faction in Mastera.
3. Mayor Brooks and her are good friends.
4. The Duke’s steward, Mason, is bad news.
In return Saint Filthy asked for a large sum of gold or new information as payment. Marvin and Baron told the information broker that their secret group is planning on taking the throne. They also gave her the names of most of the members. Saint Filthy was more than pleased with her payment and they all went their separate way.

The two then rented horses to travel to Londo. After a day of traveling they found themselves in Zere where they met a familiar face. The thief that they protected, John Lowshawn. The recently freed criminal told the party that he and his family have started a nice farm outside of town with the money Polynya gave him. John gave Marvin a magical cracked brightstone to deliver to Polynya. When the stone’s command word is spoken the stone glows with 20ft of bright light and 20 more feet of dim.

Taking one more day to reach their destination, the party arrived at Londo around noon. Their ears caught the noise of a large social gathering further in the city. Near the beach Marvin & Baron found a throng of non-human races rallied around a human at a tall stand. It appeared to be the end of a speech. “If anyone has information about my missing daughter tell the guard captain. We will continue searching the city from top to bottom.” said the human man.

The crowd then thinned out and the two sifted through the people toward the stand. Baron received a hefty amount of shade from the citizens while passing them. The two reached the human man and were quickly cut off by his female Half-elf body guard. After introductions the party learned that this was Mayor Brooks and his wife & daughter are the only humans currently living in the city. His 4 year old daughter, Emerald, was kidnapped 3 nights ago. Brooks then told the party to meet him at his house in a hour while he made an important visit. Brooks’ bodyguard, Bulma, would show them the city and then escort them back the house.

While sightseeing with Bulma the party learned about the history of Londo. About 20 years ago a human activist group called “The Purifiers” attempted to purge the city of non-human races. The group was quickly taken down by a civilian group led by Brooks. The town was impressed and thankful for his leadership and elected him mayor. Brooks interrogated some members of “The Purifiers”. The members said that “They did it for the sun.” and all of them cut off their pinky fingers. Brooks found this to be apoling so he killed and exiled all humans from the Londo. To this day nobody runs against Mayor Brooks during elections because he is such a great leader. The crime rate is less than 1% and poverty basically doesn’t exist.

At the Mayor’s house Baron & Marvin waited. Baron looked through Brooks’ desk and found a Midnight Syndicate watch and a painting of his family. Brooks arrived with a Tiefling bounty hunter named Eillis. Brooks informed the party that his daughter was kidnapped 3 nights ago. No one was seen leaving or entering the city’s gates and his griffon couldn’t pick up a scent. The following nights there were brake ins at other homes across Londo, but nothing seemed to have been stolen. Brooks told the party to talk to his guard captain Aaro to get more information.

The party located Aaro in the Mayor’s home. Aaro, the longfang shifter, was with his son discussing the investigation. The party questioned them and found that Aaro’s son, Lake, seemed to be hiding something. Baron pried and learned that Lake saw another human female at Londo’s inn. The party went there next for their investigation.

At the inn, the party talked to Big Barbra who gave them the room number of the human guest. The group went to the room and found a the female human, Jack. After an aggressive conversation with Jack they learned that a wet man would run through the town and then go behind the end after a few hours. Jack learned this from sitting on the roof of the Inn and drinking most of the night.

The party decided to wait till night time and drink with Jack to see this man. They went to grab some ale at the local tavern run by Brenda Kush. Brenda found Eillis to be rather attractive. While waiting for dusk, Baron hid on Jack’s room to observe her. Jack has a small satchel containing unique items. Baron also gently grabbed Jack butt. When dusk came they group sat on the roof and waited.

After about an hour of waiting the group spotted the wet man. They tackled him and dragged him through the inn (stealthily). The three (Baron, Marvin, and Eillis) used Baron’s magical pocket watch to question the cultist. They learned that The Cult of the Rising Sun had a small base outside of town. There is a tunnel that leads from the base to the city well in Londo. His name is No.6. The cult is trying to kidnap young girls for culty things. After learning all this Jack busted in the room hearing all the commotion and blew up the cultist. Jack took notice of Baron’s watch and charmed him. The two had intercourse and Jack was able to snatch the watch and left for the north.

The three adventurers went to the town well and climbed down it. Eillis actually tumbled down it. They found a small underwater tunnel that led to a aquatic cave owned by the cultist. After swimming through the tunnel the party breached in a large cave and found bodies in the center of the room. Upon investigation the party found two dead cultist and one that was on his last few breaths. The cultist said “Watch for the shadows.” and a shadow swooped in and strangled the man to death.

Session 2
Dinner Time

The party arrived at Grand Sorin around 5 o-clock. They had 2 hours to kill before the dinner party at Baron’s house. Polynya decided to go back to her home and visit Big Mama before she left. Upon arriving at Big Mama’s orphanage for lil ones the party found a Goliath man with a maul blocking the front door. The group investigate and found that the Goliath, Pazuzu, was hired by the Von Damme family to protect the orphanage while Big Mama went to get supplies. Pazuzu can’t fit through the door and all the children are terrified of him. Pazuzu informed the party that some nurses hired by the Von Damme were on their way. The party still had time to kill so they went to the local abandoned clock tower.

The party reached the tower and climbed through the 2nd floor window. The tower appeared to be dusty and the floor was covered in straw. The party also noticed small and large black feathers scattered about. The party climbed to the top floor by climbing stairs and using acrobatic skills. They were mostly successful however, Polynya almost took a nasty fall from the 6th floor to the 1st. Thankfully Marvin was able to dive and catch his falling ally. Due to his small size Marvin began to slip. Salem acted quick and grabbed Marvin. Baron was then able to pull the chain of people up to safety. The party eventually reached the top floor and found that the gears were jammed with mud, straw, and poop. The group was ambushed by 3 Kenku that seemed ill. As the battle went on 2 of the Kenku commiting suicide (one stabbed himself in the face. the other jumped off a landing.) the last bird creature was magic missiled into the gears and crushed. After that a black Aarakockra named Nightfurry swooped down and confronted the party. The party invited him to the dinner party (despite the lack of formal invitation) with the promise of canned yams.

The party left the tower and headed to the dinner party. The small house located in the poor district of town was filled with a royal feast and 15 guests. Some of the more regal folk had nice looking pocket watches. The party separated and began to mingle with the guests.

Salem mingled with her old friend Brana Kush and she talked with a silver dragonborn named Pietro. The Dragonborn lad looked very young and deep in thought. After chatting for a little bit, Pietro and Salem went to smoke weed before dinner.

Marvin went to flirt with a beautiful human female standing next to a sculpted drow male. After mistaking Marvin as help, the lady introduced herself as Estelle Var Emmerys and her husband Ishmael. Marvin struck out and went to talk to a male deep gnome named Jack Maggot. Jack gave Marvin his business card and told Marvin about the Gnome Depot.

Baron first went to a masculine female dwarf. Her name was Lady Quill and she was enjoying a nice dip. She was greatly annoyed by Baron. Baron then went to chat with a greying Razorclaw Shifter male and a younger one that looks almost identical to the first. He learned that the older shifter was named Storm Fang and his “son” was named Telmah. Baron learned that Telmah was attempting to revive the local theater.

Polynya grew suspicious of everyone with a pocket watch. She attempted to steal Baron’s, but was caught red handed. She then proceeded to stay under the radar and partook in idle chit chat with Gene and Lady Quill.

Nightfurry was introduced to candied yams.

Gene proceeded to ring the dinner bell and all the guests enjoyed the feast. Salem and Pietro were in heaven. After the meal Gene took the time to explain why everyone was gathered there. She mentioned the poor condition that the city was in and demanded change. The people attending the party all had talents or connections to offer this newly formed revolution. Gene wishes to overthrow Duke Solamet peacefully and put a good leader on the throne. She is aware that more support can be discovered in other parts of Mastera and possibly in other countries. She selected Polynya, Marvin, Salem, her son Baron to be the Ambassadors of the New Court. All 15 guests agreed to help in return of some spoils.

The dinner party then toasted to a new era.

Session 1
The Gathering

Given a mission by his parents, Baron Von Damme delivered dinner invitations to 3 selected personal. The dinner will consist of a fancy feast and many regal guests in 1 week. The first invitation was delivered to a female Water Genasi named Polynya. Baron almost hit a wall with Polynya’s stubbornness, however Big Mama (the owner of the orphanage that Polynya is a co-owner of.) insisted that Polynya go and “get herself a man.”

The two then spent a 3 day journey traveling to the rustic vacation town of Zere. The two then went to the Half-orc Full Sexy bar run by a half-orc named Brana Kush. Brana gambled with Baron and lost miserably. Baron gained 120 GP and a magic pickle that was said to make him very thin. After a few hours a gorgeous Half-elf named Salem arrived at the tavern to start her nightly show. During this time she was given an invitation to the dinner party that will take place at the home of Baron Von Damme. She accepted. Salem believes that her mother may be living in the capital. This rumor piqued her fancy.

Shorty after a near albino gnome named Marvin came into the tavern to drink his troubles away. His uncle, Merlin (a renown wizard), was on his death bed and Marvin was attempting to finish his research. He received word that a cult was rising in the south. He found nothing. At the tavern Baron, Polynya, and there new companion Salem, got the opputunity to invite Marvin to the dinner party. After accepting the invitation the newly formed party decided to spend the night in Zere and head out in the morning.

In the morning the party started there 3 day journey back to the capital. However, about a hour into the trip they came across a Zere city guard. They introduced themselves and learned that the city guard, Keith, had chased down a thief and chased him into a nearby cave. Keith couldn’t muster up the courage to pursue the criminal because he spotted a spider go into the cave. The party figured they could take the time to help this guard and they went into the cave that was said to contain a criminal. While in the cave the party stumbled across a giant spider that proceeded to attack Salem until she was unconscious. After the battle the party continued through the cave leaving Salem paralyzed from the spider’s venom. Once at the end of the cave the team found a starving family. The father of the family, John lowshaun, has been stealing food and other items necessary to live from Zere. On the way out of the cave the team found a “healthy” Salem. She rejoined the group.

Once outside of the group negotiated for the life of the thief. The conclusion was that John was freed from his crimes and given 20 GP from Polynya to start a farm. In exchange Salem would give Keith a hand job.

When all said and done the group traveled to Grand Sorin for their dinner party.

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